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We are a full service tree company with professional staff trained in all aspects of tree care. We appreciate the value that trees add to your property. Our goals are proper tree care, maintenance & preservation. We are committed to providing quality, professional & reliable service!

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Learn how to properly care for your Crape Myrtles on Boxwood & Blooms

Topping Crape Myrtles is a bad idea, which most likely begun by an

un-informed landscaper looking for something to do during the winter months.  One person sees another and a revolution of bad-practice begins!

Crape Myrtle Pruning

Jim Burnett:

Second time in 4 years that we've used Bay Area, this time to not only clean up a live oak and ash but to remove a dying silver leaf maple. As before, the quote was the best in town, the crew arrived exactly when we were advised and they quickly and professionally removed the maple and cleaned up the oak and ash.

Finding reliable tree service folks in the Houston area is challenging and we plan to stick with Bay Area. No need to compete quotes when the value delivered meets or exceeds your expectations.

Dan G:

Really efficient crew. 6 guys came out, trimmed the trees plus some punch list items for me in less than 1 hour. More importantly they moved all my patio furniture and put it back as well as extremely good job on the cleanup of the yard, patio and front drive where they mulched the tree. All for 600.00 less than the next competitive bid.

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